Scholarship Opportunity

What can an Army ROTC Scholarship Offer You?

While on Campus:

As of Feburary 2014:

-Full Tuition paid for
-Living expenses (based on College)
-Book stipend each semester ($600 each semester)
-Monthly stipend (Freshman $300, Sophomore $350, Junior $450, Senior $500)

After Graduation:

-Initial Monthly base pay of $2,876.63, within 4 years base pay will increase to $5,461.88 a month
-Basic Monthly allowance for Housing (in the Syracuse Area that translates to $996.00 (for bachelors) and $1158.00 (Accompanied). Allowance increases as an Officer progresses in rank.
-Monthly allowance for subsistence $242.60
-All medical costs for the Officer and dependents is FREE!
-Free Dental for Officer, dependent dental is insured
-Retirement pay after 20 years of service, guaranteed by the US Treasury, valued from $3000 – $15,860.25 a month (dependent on rank achieved and years of service).  Additionally, medical benefits included for life.
-Professional growth opportunities for masters degrees paid for by the US army (while receiving your Officers Salary)  after 4 years of service. Tuition Assistance for online courses as well.
-30 Days paid vacation a year